Artist Statement

Drawing portraits is my passion. I started drawing when I was very young and ever since making art has been at the core of my existence. It's always thrilling to experience the moment a picture/drawing takes on a life of its own.

A great portrait goes far beyond merely capturing a faithful likeness. The physical process of drawing, for me, creates a unique dynamic energy. An artist has infinite opportunities to edit what he's observed, whether working from life or from a photo, playing things up or down in order to create something that goes far beyond the surface. I use my reference photos, as a starting point. I alter them significantly in order to achieve a final composition that best conveys my sense of that person.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Brandon Shea


Brandon Shea is an artist living and working in Seattle. His B.A. in Fine and Studio Art was received from California State University Chico. His artwork as focused mainly on portraits and figurative work done in graphite, colored pencil, pen and artist markers.