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Times Infinity
Thirty five and trapped in mediocrity
Where did the twenties go?
I sucked the moments right out of time
Excuse me but have you seen my life
I left it somewhere, back there, along the road
And now Iím feeling pretty damn old

Iíll never be the picture perfect boy on the cover of some magazine
Iíll never be solid, ripped and six feet three
But does size really make you happy
Iíll never be more than what I am, you see
But I am greater than all that you perceive

Thirty five and still wanting more
Not ready to be culturally ignored
I paint the scenes of my reality
And thereís still time left in the glass
Who cares if I donít have the perfect ass
Itís only misperceptions that are left in the past

I can still be anything I damn well please
I can still be the man in the life of somebody
Itís all still good by me
I can still be the greatest love not just the fantasy of
But hey, itís still just me
Cause I can still beÖÖÖtimes infinity

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