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Don't know

I've cleared all the thoughts from my head
And I've laid myself in bed
I'm waiting for my sleep to come
God, I hope it does before the sun

Don't know why I even try

Well the morning light is shining through
And I've got a million things to do
So I focus on the day before me
Is this the way it's suppose to be?

Don't know why I got out of bed

I'm walking down this sidewalk to various places
Passing through this sea of endless faces
Not sure what it is that I am dreading
Lost direction, don't know where I am heading

Don't know why this is a melancholy poem

Here I am and I'd like to thank you for listening
Still not sure what exactly I am missing
Would you like to sit here with me
Maybe talk awhile, maybe a little coffee

Don't know why but stay with me please
Don't know why I think I may be getting weak in the knees
Don't know why

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