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Conversing with a Madman
I was having conversations with this man
He was mad like the Hatter from Wonderland
He was brewing up some anguish and sorrow
Till all at once the steam arose
Then he offered me a cup of throes
So I drank the suffering down
(Drank it down, drank it down, drank the suffering down)
And now I知 walking with this heavy load
Each step is harder than the last
Cause I知 stuck along this path
Picking up the shards of shattered glass
That were once the memories of my past
As I head into the darkness
(Into the dark, into the dark, into the darkness)
He痴 intoxicated my blood
And now I知 addicted to his drug
I知 so far apart from me
And dejection is all I see
So I知 drowning in misery
As I sink into the vast blue
(Into the blue, into the blue, into the vast blue)
And now I知 struggling to breathe
Searching for some kind of release
So am I the madman now
Is this what he called living hell
And where痴 the stranger to drink my agony
So I can be set free
(To be free, to be free, to be set free)

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