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Still Not Crying
I stare out the window wishing I were somewhere, anywhere, just not here
On another drive, itís a new state, a new place, just another waste of time
And I wonder why you drag me along, when it ends up the same old song
I know how it goes, never really want me, never really like what you see
Oh no, look away, donít cry, and hold in the tears from all the things I hear
A slap, sit back, wish I could step on a crack and break your
Iím just kid, donít know what I did, how to live, abused, confused
Awake at night, I can see the light, at my door, what for
You take another drink, scared, I begin to sink, no time to think
Knocked down to the floor, was that your hand or something more
Nothing to say, just back away, gotta get out, gotta run far away
Was being born, your son the only thing Iíve done, Iím just a pain in your
Social worker on the phone, itís a new home, but I am still alone
No time to relax, it wonít last, they always take me back
The cycle never ends, your friends, time to drink again
A new thrill, pop your pills, I know I will be taking another spill
A lie to the doctor guy, not a word, just smile and say goodbye
All this, fucked up as it is and Iím still not crying

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