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In Songs
In songs they say love will take your breath away
It can make you hurt, make you blind or weak in the knees
It can be the greatest gift of all, a river, razor or a seed
It can be soft like a butterfly or ageless like an evergreen
These I know to be true because I hear them whenever Iím with you
They play in my head, like a soundtrack to a romance that is new
A musical score of inspiration to write down words of love for you
Itís the way you make me smile when I see you across the room
Itís the chills that run down my spine when you whisper I love you
Itís the lines on your face from all the laughter you have had
Itís the way you hold my hold tight when life is sometimes going bad
Itís that funny look you give for all the silly things I do
Itís the off key way you have of singing your own song
Itís the lingering of your presence whenever you are gone
Itís how you move me with just the touch of your hand
Its how I get lost in the roses are red and violets are blue
In the nearness of you, in the thought of you
Bemused by your kiss
Bemused by your eyes
Your stare, your soul
You know
In songs they say love will take your breath away
It can lift us up where we belong and be a crazy little thing
It can be solid as a rock, all you need or in the air
But one thing I know to be true that love is in the little things share

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