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Untitled Love Poem
I watch you breathe as you lie sleeping
Trace the sheets that drape across your skin
Itís the best part of the morning
I slip out and start my day
Coffee, muffin, Iím on my way
Thoughts of you still linger with me
A silly smile that shows on my face
Itís a feeling that I embrace
Like the warmth of the dawning sun
I soak it in and draw it close
I want to hold this feeling
Till you touch me once again
Hold me tight and breathe me in
Your lips are like chocolate to me
They touch the scars that lifeís left there
Through my eyes my thoughts betrayed
As I think of you through out my day
I look up, stop and stare at the reflection there
Trace the outline of this image, the man that is me
Funny I donít see what you see
Down the hall I make my way
Emails, calls, to finish up the day
Your smile still shines in my mind
Moments of laughter, smiles and tears
We are together now, your hand in mine
I lean in and you softly whisper
You are like water to me
Washing the scares that lifeís left on me
Through my eyes my thoughts are betrayed
And I will love you till the end of my days

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